5 attributes to consider while creating content in the time of COVID-19

5 attributes to consider while creating content in the time of COVID-19


On 11th March 2020, WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak to be a pandemic. Unless you have been living under a rock, you are likely to be aware of COVID-19. If you wish to be updated about it, the most credible page to keep a track off would be this. We might be a content marketing agency who can assist with content strategy, however,  we aren’t qualified to write about the origins and medical implications of COVID-19. There are experts – doctors, health professionals, scientists and government authorities working round the clock at immense personal risk and doing their best to contain and eliminate this dreaded novel virus strain. Businesses across sectors have been deeply impacted and it might take several quarters for entire industries to get back on track. This would certainly have negative implications on several livelihoods. Unfortunately, thousands have lost their lives across the world.

What should brands do?

Adopting an appropriate communication strategy during a pandemic could be a tricky affair, to put it mildly. By completely ignoring the pandemic, the brand would be perceived as having no empathy and completely tone-deaf. By performing marketing gymnastics and designing marketing collateral which piggybacks on COVID-19 could be seen as a terribly opportunistic move that could jeopardize a brand’s perception for a long time.

Hence, it is important for brands to adopt a middle path by focussing on essential points. Content would play a key role here. Brands can either create content in-house or rely on a content marketing agency to help. Brands must also determine which platforms to consider to promote content related to COVID-19. Email, Blogs, Videos and social media platforms would be useful.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind while crafting an approach when it comes to creating content about COVID-19:


Share what your brand is doing for battling the spread of COVID-19. Your brand might be working with the government or health authorities. For instance, Jack Ma has announced that Alibaba would be donating 5 lakh test kits and one million face masks.


Educate your customers about how you can make a difference in their lives. For instance, Flipkart has created a mailer that educates customers about the steps which the online behemoth has taken to smoothen customer experience during these troubled times.


Let the voice of your content empathize with readers. Do understand and appreciate that your readers might be going through challenging times. The tone of your content should be empathetic, formal and comforting. Do not create content that comes across as patronising, gimmicky or flippant.


Creating a page on your website that offers the latest updates about your company’s response to COVID-19 would be helpful. Once again, it is pertinent to note how Flipkart has handled it.


A brand must completely avoid sharing an opinion led piece on COVID-19. Not only will there be high chances of misinformation but it could also lead to a huge backlash on various platforms. The worst-case scenario could be being slapped with a legal notice.

However, if you are a brand which operates in the healthcare space, you might be qualified to create marketing collateral which can address the issue and offer helpful tips to readers. For example – 1mg has created an Ebook which helps readers to be educated.

Crafting a content strategy for this scenario would not only require assistance from content creating agencies but also from experts across healthcare and law. Rather than coming across as a ‘woke’ brand it is important to create content that would be helpful for your readers, customers and prospects.

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