5 benefits of writing on Quora

As entrepreneurs we must strike the right balance between a robust inbound marketing strategy and spreading ourselves too thin. You probably have already heard of Quora but have disregarded it as just another platform demanding for too much effort in exchange for very little return. This is a misconception and we encourage you to reconsider.

Quora is a highly underestimated and underutilized platform possessing great potential to back your marketing strategy- making it worth the time and effort you put in.

What is Quora?

A well rounded inbound strategy must have a platform where people are encouraged to dig deeper into your product or service online. Here is where Quora steps in.

It is a Question-Answer community that garners an approximate of over an eye-popping 675 million monthly visitors worldwide. Needless to say, for any marketer or entrepreneur this is a vast, untapped source of potential leads and traffic. Coupled along with a sound marketing strategy, marketers may reach new audiences and drive them towards their product, service or website.

We have used SimilarWeb to generate the following metrics about Quora which are as recent as December 2018:

Statistics of Quora provided by report from Similarweb

Now let us look at the countries from where Quora receives most visitors:

Countrywise users of Quora

Unsurprisingly, Indians consist of almost 20% of these 675 million visitors which is equivalent to 135 million. This translates into Quora receiving 13.5 crore visitors from India every month!

Still ignoring Quora? Maybe your competitor isnt! 


Let us check out 5 important benefits of writing on Quora


Quora posts are added to search engine results

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing crawl Quora data in order to bring up the most relevant results for any search query. Google displays Quora posts as any other regular results. Because people are asking questions on search engines that may be similar to the questions which have been posed on Quora (if not exactly the same), answers to keyword rich questions on Quora are likely to appear on search results. This implies that an answer to a question stands a chance to be ranked in the number one result spot. This is a great way to drive organic traffic to your website.

Here is an example of how Google displays Quora posts for a given search query.

Quora is a great inbound marketing tool

Your potential customers are looking for data they can safely rely on. Now, the developers of Quora understand this, and have incorporated a DIGG-like voting mechanism where users can vote up an answer based on its quality.

On Quora you may give answers directly related to your product or service. Remember that the number of questions you answer on Quora is directly proportional to your influence on the platform. It gets even better- you can also share links to your website or blog posts, or any other pieces of content.

Pro tip- If you are doing a little self-promotion, make sure to always add value to your answers and benefit the Quora community while doing so. Make it a win-win situation.

Manage your online reputation with Quora

What you will need here is Google alerts. Not only can you keep an eye on what people are saying about your competitors but you can also set up Google alerts to keep track of what people are saying about your own brand. All you have to do is set up a Google alert for the query ‘Quora Your Brand Name’. For example, if your brand name is Savisha Marketing then the Google Alert which you would set up will be ‘Quora Savisha Marketing’. By doing so you can keep track of all the things people are saying not only about your brand but also the industry as a whole. You can answer questions and concerns about your brand or product and also respond to positive or negative feedback.

Ideate content with Quora

Find yourself falling short on content ideas?

On Quora you have endless opportunities to discover common problems or questions that people are actually concerned about. You can ideate, create and share content that provide actionable answers and solutions to these common problems. Follow users or feeds that are related to your industry to get updates of the topics that are currently trending.

For example, if user posts “How to generate more organic traffic to my blog?” is an excellent head start for you to create a quick blog post or perhaps a more robust e-book.

Glean over competitor insights with Quora

We bet you are curious about what your competitors are doing to market themselves. Just like how people talking about your brand and product, people do so for your competitor as well. Quora proves to be really helpful to get insights on what are your competitors doing to market themselves and how are people talking about them. Analyze and Learn

You may find answers to a number of questions on Quora. For example questions like ‘Why is Brand ABC better than Brand XYZ’? (assuming XYZ is your brand). You may utilize answers to these questions to improve your product. 

What is even cooler?

You can discover emerging industry trends, patterns or opportunities before your competition does by listening to your customers.

Got any more ideas on how Quora can be used by businesses? Do write to us.

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