Visual content the elixir of social media

We’re living in a world where we are flooded with a lot of pictures. Remember how much we enjoyed browsing through pictures from our books when we were younger and could not read yet? We spent more time looking at the pictures than actually reading the words. This does not go to say that the story wasn’t enjoyable; it’s just that our eyes were first drawn to the images of the story. We loved seeing all those colorful images, didn’t we?

Some things never change. While our choice in literature has probably changed, our eyes are still automatically drawn to visuals before they see words. This does not mean the words are not important, it is just that our eyes first see photos, videos, and graphics. Funnily, what we did back in childhood is what we are unknowingly doing even now; we are browsing pictures on the internet over social media.

Visuals are the new black

They are taking over social media feeds. Don’t believe us? Take a look at your own Facebook feed. We can bet it is full of images and videos and what not. Just like ours. Now glance at your Instagram feed or your pinterest feed. All full of images, right? It is no coincidence. Visual content is taking the internet by storm. So your business and you need to keep up with the trends too.

So now that everyone is acquainted with how important visual content is in their strategy, did you know that including them in your posts make your content (and business) more:

A) Attractive
B) Easy to understand
C) Memorable
D) Engaging, and
E) Relatable

And businesses need all of these factors for them to manage to stand out in a competitive market.

Visual content attracts followers

You are competing for space and visibility across all social media platforms in the black hole that is the internet. When the competion is as tough as this, your content NEEDS to have the wow factor in it to attract and retain loyal readers. Visual content does the trick here. There are endless things you could do with visual content that will not only keep your readers glued to your content but also have it shared on social media!

Images make a massive difference. Fun fact: Content with relevant pictures and other forms of visual content get 94% more views as compared to content without pictures.

Find this hard to digest? Take a look at this demonstration by Smart Bird Social!

Which of these two posts grab your attention the most?

The tweet without an image?

Or the tweet with an image that has a nice dash of humour to it?

So how does visual content work its magic?

Visual content has its own unique USPs. One of the most prominent one is the fact that it grabs the reader’s attention. It is a given that the human brain tends to grasp images a lot faster than text.

You know how the age-old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. It holds true even today!

You increase your reach when you have your reader’s attention, which is your goal. Our motto is to get our content shared as much as possible. And, content that is backed with amazing pictures or videos are highly liked and shared online. Why? They create a buzz among people. They create conversation.

Yes, people LOVE visuals

Most people are intimated when they see too much text. Besides, reading a lot of text is quite a bit of an effort (or boring, for most people). Here is where visuals come to your rescue. Use them to your advantage. Add visual content that is fun, relatable and keeps your reader’s attention intact.

But what kind?

Now by visual content we do not just mean images. Feel free to play around and experiment with your content. Anything you feel looks great on your blog. Anything. This could be anything like

B) Memes
C) Screenshots
D) Info graphics
E) Slide shares
F) Videos (These are great!)
G) And of course, images

This list may go on. You could add anything else that you feel fits the bill when it comes to encouraging more engagement. Play around with your content. It is YOUR content. Own it!

Do you have any other questions about visual content? Let us know!

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