Are you tired of being fleeced by dishonest and mediocre agencies?

If yes, then meet your new best friends! Savisha does everything in the digital arena and works in a budget that suits you
Savisha is there for you right from handling SEO to creating a video We keep it fair, flexible and fantastic!

Our team

Sham is a true blue salesman.

He is the co-founder and architect of Savisha. Along with his team he orchestrates a symphony of digital marketing solutions for individuals and corporations. You can call him @+91-9819310939


Bindu is the soul of our digital marketing practice.

She believes in impeccable research. She personally monitors all the campaigns and brings forth the best industry standards.


Abhishek is our go-to person!

Having a vast experience of different industries, he brings in the extra zing from the outside world.


Sr. Graphic Designer


Sr. Digital Marketing Analyst


SEO Analyst